Andrew Saurin: The Heart of Innovation at Syringe Accessory

Andrew Saurin's journey in healthcare is inspiring. He began in emergency medical services, then became a Physician Assistant in 2014, focusing on easing patient pain and enhancing well-being.

His career took an exciting turn towards medical technology. As an early adopter of telemedicine, Andrew didn't just use this technology; he helped shape the future of remote patient care. His skills grew at Curology, where he started as a consultant and later took on a larger role, showcasing the impact of technology in dermatology.

Andrew's entrepreneurial spirit and passion for direct patient care led him to create Oceanside Skin, a medical spa. This venture combined his medical expertise with cosmetic treatments, where he became known for his exceptional skill in using injectables and his innovative approach to cosmetic care.

Now, Andrew is focused on his latest venture, Syringe Accessory. This company is the culmination of his experiences and embodies his vision for safer, more effective cosmetic practices. He invented the V-Ring, a groundbreaking device that transforms the use of syringes, highlighting his inventive spirit and commitment to enhancing medical aesthetics.

Key Highlights:

  • Became a Physician Assistant in 2014: Specialized in procedural based medicine including pain management, physical medicine and rehabilitation, orthopedics, and dermatology.
  • Pioneered in Telemedicine: Early adopter and contributed to the future of remote patient care.
  • Excelled at Curology: Showcased the impact of technology in dermatology.
  • Founded Oceanside Skin: Merged medical expertise with cosmetic treatments.
  • Developed the V-Ring: A revolutionary device improving the safety and effectiveness of cosmetic procedures.

Andrew's story is more than a career path; it's about constant evolution and the desire to make a real difference in healthcare. At Syringe Accessory, he emphasizes safety, community, and empowerment, advancing the field of medical aesthetics through innovation, collaboration, and education.